Issue 03 | Fall 2018

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Our Fall Issue is filled with the theme of thankfulness and vibrant Fall colors. There are coloring pages, the favorite seasonal bucket list, book reviews, a poem, a gardening article, a new nature journaling feature, a missionary biography of Ann Judson, and a seasonal short story with characters you have come to love from the Spring and Summer issue.


All the goodness:

Fall Bucket List by Ashley Haug of House Sparrow Press

coloring page by Naomi Williamson

gift tags by Lesley Zellers

Fall's Flavor: a poem by Carolyn Leiloglou of Housefull of Bookworms & illustrated by Ashley Haug of House Sparrow Press

A Wrinkle in Time: a book review by Thea Rosenburg of Little Book, Big Story & illustrated by Jenny Williams of Carrot Top Paper Shop

Sowing Wildflower Seeds by Sarah Fremont of @campfremont

Photo Tip by Ashley Campbell of Under the Sycamore

How to Draw: an owl by Denna Miller

Ann Judson: a missionary biography by Jennifer Harris of Every Morning New Mercies & illustrated by Veneza Grillo

DIY Thankful Tree by Diane Reeves

coloring page by Lesley Zellers

Nature Journaling the Wonder by Joye Dicharry of @joyefuljourney

Poppy and Grandmother Rose: a seasonal short story by Anna Abbot & illustrated by Maegan Keaton

coloring page by Maegan Keaton

a page to record thanks

beautiful photography throughout by Heather Glasby of Jagger Photography