Issue 12 | Summer 2020

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This summer is unlike any other! Let girls see the truth, beauty, and goodness even when things aren't what we imagined them being.

 All the goodness:

Summer Bucket List by Ashley Haug of House Sparrow Press

Planting Your Own Pumpkin Patch with Sarah Fremont

Nature Journaling with Joye Dicharry

There's Magic in the Water: an original poem by Jessica Mueller; illustrated and hand-lettered by Ashley Haug of House Sparrow Press

Coloring Page by Naomi Williamson

How to Draw: A Sea Turtle by Denna Miller

Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio: a book review by Molly Clem & illustrated by Jenny Williams of Carrot Top Paper Shop

Reader Submitted Book Reviews

Photo Tip: Inside vs. Outside by Ashley Campbell of Under the Sycamore

Finding Adventure: An Olive and Rose original story by Kendra O'Blenis & illustrated by Nicky Stokes

DIY: Popsicle Party by Theresa Emry

Go-To Granola with Amanda Gregg

Kathleen Shumate: a biography by Kim Pina; illustrated by Veneza Grillo

Write Notes to friends!

beautiful photography throughout by Heather Glasby of Jagger Photography


reader submitted poem by Maria Rosario Allen

reader submitted poem by Asia Johnson

reader submitted artwork by Anna Kate Allen